Sunday, January 13, 2008

Start Rant

So I was using my favorite mode of transportation this evening (grrrrr), when I seen something that made me do a classic double take. I almost felt like taking a sip of my tasty beverage so that I could really make it a moment with a spit take. But I digress...

This (very white) guy gets on the bus sporting the usual array of faux gangsta bullshit. To top it all off, he was sporting what looked like a very new hat, the peak straight as straight can be, and still with the shiny size sticker firmly affixed. Now I'm not going to judge a man on how straight his peak is. That's purely a style choice. But the sticker? What the fuck. There is no question mark needed at the end of that. Just, what the fuck. The sticker is there to tell you what size the hat is, and is really intended to come off after the transaction is complete. It is definitely not an accessory. I mean, do you keep the tags on your ten sizes too big Levis after you securely fasten them around the lower part of your ass cheeks? I don't think so. So why the sticker? One of life's great mysteries I suppose.

Fuck, I think my "old" is showing. I've got to run. There's some kids playing on my lawn and I should really go and shake my fist at them menacingly.

End Rant.

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Kittymao said...

Interesting that you mention that- i went to a family outing on Saturday, and got to see one of the WEIRDER cousins.
Okay, well.. weird as in DUMB AS A POST.
He was doing as you said- sporting gear with the tags still on it. Except- he neglected to realize his hat's tag had a "CLEARANCE" sticker on it.

Cause that's some classy shit.

p.s. accidentally posted this at the "quickie" page, and deleted it. sorry!